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@ FutureEverything Festival (Islington Mill): 2nd April 2016 // BALTIC: 27th April 2015

A series of experimental events/workshops exploring inter-disciplinary performance, utilising text, movement, sound, voice and live visuals. Bringing together practitioners from various backgrounds, artists work through an improvisational process. We aimed to create playful, intimate and refined performances that drew on traditions of contemporary dance, spoken-word, human-computer interaction, live coding, electronic music and live visuals. Examining transformation and change, the performances acknowledged and borrowed from one another, leaving traces and echoes to plot a narrative arc throughout the course of the events.

Babble Manchester

- Cooking With Three (feat. Roo Carpenter, Jamie Cook, Adam Goodwin, Lizzie J Klotz and James Unsworth)

- Ben Jeans-Houghton

+ Afterparty...

- co¥ᄀpt (A.K.A. Sean Cotterill) + Rituals (live visuals)

- Yaxu + Rituals (live visuals)

- Shelly Knotts


- Charlie Dearnley

- Lauren Vevers

- TURC (Roo Carpenter and James Unsworth)

- Sean Cotterill

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